About HHCR

Holistic Health Care Resources (HHCR) is part of a global enterprise of dynamic, nonprofit organization that address all dimensions of accreditation, quality care, patient safety, and positive work environment.

Holistic Health Care Resources (HHCR) identify criteria, elements and share best practices in quality and patient safety globally. Our expert team works in different health care institutions to achieve best practice and performance in patient care. In addition, provide leadership and advanced solutions to help health care institutions across all settings to improve performance and outcomes. Holistic Health Care Resources are originated on international criteria and regulations.

Holistic Health Care Resources (HHCR) provides the best practices to health care institutions mainly hospitals in quality and patient care in a quite safely manner through:

Holistic Health Care Accreditation

Earning Holistic Health Care Accreditation (HHCA) by applying policies, procedures and streams of care in an appropriate manner.

Education & Research Publication

Delivering evidence based advisory services, and providing continuing education for staff of the hospital to comply consistently with the criteria of Holistic Health Care.

Electronic Health Applications

Make hospital environment more productive, More accessible and control by using adaptable holistic Health Care Electronic Program.

Our experts understand that local needs vary and diverse cultures present unique patient care challenges. Yet, our unique focus on the highest patient care criteria and results-oriented process improvement have earned the respect of health care leaders from around the world.