Achieve Holistic Health Care Accreditation

Evaluation of compliance with the Holistic Health Care (HHC) international criteria for hospitals is the basis of the hospital accreditation process. Once accredited, hospitals are expected to demonstrate continuous compliance with the criteria at all times during the accreditation period.

Accreditation Pathway

Step 1: Familiarity 

Become familiar with HHC current criteria edition and survey process, begin self-education and implementation of the criteria.
The English version of Holistic Health Care Accreditation manual 1st edition is available for purchase.

Step 2: Analysis and Plan

• Conduct gap analysis through performing a baseline assessment of your hospital’s against HHC criteria. Here, Quality specialists frequently perform baseline assessment by assigning groups of criteria or measurable elements to staff in that area of practice. Staff then researches the hospital’s level of compliance with those criteria or measurable elements.
• An action plan outlines a hospital's intended actions towards performance improvement. The plan can be used to respond to a minor shortfall in criteria compliance after the baseline assessment or as a part of a root cause analysis of a more significant under performance.
• Holistic Health Care team will send the self-assessment forms electronically via registered email to the assigned hospital to assess readiness.

Step 3: Process

·         Update policies and procedures. Ask the following questions before you get started:

1.       Is this policy necessary?

2.       Is this policy accurate and true reflections of the reality?

3.       Is this policy easy to understand and navigate?

4.       Is this policy accessible to everyone who need it?

Step 4: Focus 

• Identify improvements needed for highlighted problematic area(s) in health care and describe evidence-based solutions to these problem(s).
• Prioritize high-risk, problem-prone compliance issues, as well as those that will take the longest time to address.
• Work with staff to overcome obstacles.
• Education and Training are the core important parts in each step of the accreditation journey.

Step 5: Readiness

• Assess hospital readiness.
• Prepare your staff for mock survey. A mock survey stimulates a model for addressing hospital adherence to HHC criteria in day to day operations.
• Conduct patient care tracer and process tracer, to engage staff in looking for opportunities to improve for a process of care.
• Evaluate and refine processes as needed.
• Continue training and education for sustainable changes.
• The use of advisory services is not necessary to obtain Holistic Health Care Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.

Step 6: Candidacy

• Make Final preparation for the survey.
• The assigned hospital will submit the self-assessment forms electronically for the survey, if ready.
• Once approved, Holistic Health Care team leader will contact the hospital to determine the survey schedule date and agenda.

Step 7: Survey

• The survey process involves: an opening conference, leadership interviews, staff qualification and education, a facility tour, and a leadership conference - among other key interactions.

We commend you on considering Holistic Health Care Accreditation
It is a globally recognized achievement in quality improvement and patient safety
Our team is ready to assist you at every step of your journey


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