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By Holistic Health Care Resources​

Holistic Health Care - Accredited Organization

Be one of the accredited organizations that is  approved  by the Holistic Health Care Resources.

Be one of the organizations that support, improve patient safety and enhance quality of patient care, to achieve the Gold Seal of Approval® as a Holistic Health Care -accredited entity. Many organizations can register to Health Care Accreditation Program including but not limited to hospitals either private, governmental or academic. Holistic Health Care Resources Agency has partnered with these organizations to support their pursuit for excellence.

Below, you will find a list of Holistic Health Care accredited organizations, which is arranged alphabetically:


Holistic Health Care Accreditation (HHCA)

Accredited Since 17 March 2018


Amman, Jordan

Certificate I.D. 2233910435

Initial Accreditation

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